Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Review, Charles and Elizabeth? Well, You Seemed To Have Forgotten Or Passed Over Important Realities.

From Charles Richard Treuter's Hate-Blog where he's been trying to reinvent himself and reinvent his wife and reinvent his FAILED existence:


The Doctors Reflect on the Year 2010


Today is the first day of a brand new year, and as Doctor E is preparing a prime rib roast, our traditional Hoppin’ John, and all the trimmings for our New Year’s Day feast, we have been reflecting on the past year. Friends will be joining us shortly for dinner (after they sleep in a bit), and "friends"were a very important part of our 2010.
An Internet Photo Stolen and Used Without Permission
Which Charles, as ususal, Hopes To Convince Others is His, LOL
The Doctors, primarily, through E's medical /educational career and from our travels, met a lot of interesting, adventurous, highly-educated, and lovely folks last year. 

The older we get, the more we appreciate our interaction with a few selected professional people who share our interests and values.

Despite the financial woes of the nation (and of the world) our finances were substantially improved during the past year. We sold some properties, we bought a new resort property in the Smoky Mountains, Dr E settled an estate, and a few of our investments performed very well.

Doctor E’s career pursuits were stellar to say the least. She completed a four-year State of Maryland contract, and we had even considered and investigated a Central-American retirement in 2011. 

However, it seems that too many folks in the medical field and in the government appreciate her education, her dedication, her talents, her ability to work with highly educated, sometimes egocentric people of widely varied backgrounds.  They simply will NOT permit her to retire early.

She was offered a new contract by a major medical corporation, the terms of which are superior to the outstanding employment package she has enjoyed over the last four years. 

Now she has been offered a consulting job by a team made up of the Republic of Nigeria’s government, a group of Nigerian medical facilities, and the State Department. She is still studying that opportunity.

We continued our extensive travels during 2010, taking full advantage of Doctor E’s annual eight weeks of PTO she enjoyed with her former company. All of our travels were rewarding, safe, and mostly free of the hassles often encountered in today’s world.

Our lives basically center around culinary explorations, non-organized traveling (we do NOTdo cruises, tours, and other such plebian pursuits), meeting new people, and of course, Doctor E’s highly successful and rewarding career. The Year of 2010  was absolutely the BEST year of our lives thus far in relation to all of the aforementioned pursuits.

Will 2011 be as enjoyable and successful? We certainly hope so, but if it should only be HALF as good, we will still be very happy.
As Richard Boone (PALADIN) would say, “Have New Passport, Will Travel.”
~ OR ~
The Problem With Charles' Use of "Paladin's" Card is Charles, a Convicted Felon is Prohibited by Law to Own or Purchase a Gun, Much Less Travel With One, ROTFALMAO


It certainly doesn't take a highly skilled language professor, speech therapist, rocket scientist or even a Clown like Charles Richard Treuter or Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter that fantasizes about and claims academic degrees they never achieved or were awarded for completion of academic work or scholarship to quickly realize that the "comments" made on Charles' Hate Blog are all submitted by himself and/or his moonbat, bedpan changer Mormon wife.  Who are the persons that these two DOLTS think they are fooling is the question which immediately comes to mind when one entertains oneself by reading the "comments" to Charles' blog posts.  For my readers' enjoyment I submit the following sample "comments":

Anonymous said...


That prime rib is a fuckin work of art Doc E. when the old DINOSAUR dies will you marry me?

Julie said...

Hey guys, happy New Year to you both. You are SO cool. A match made in heaven (yeah I know, you think "heaven" is in Columbia LOL.

Bob said...


The ONLY guy who gives the jew Sterns a bunch of shit.

jewbuster said...

Bob - Bob - Bob,

You must get over your anger at the skinny, diseased Mikey Stern and his fat (unbelievably obese) pig wife Jane who is an immigrant Hungarian tarot card reader from a gypsy clan of thieves and charlatans.

Because the "Sterns" never knew when they were going to have another "meal" in Eastern Europe. They have now invaded America and devoted their lives to scarfing up greasy slop, which they call "roadfood" because they have created a scam which allows them to eat FREE meals.

Such conduct is very common among immigrating Eastern European jew vermin.

Just accept it, get over it, and move on to some endeavor that is more worthwhile than reading a food-blog operated by, and patronized by a bunch of jews.

buffetbuster said...

I have contacted my lawyers because I think that "jewbuster" is mimicking me, the ORIGINAL "buffetbuster" who runs the website where I spend my whole life eating pie.

You have pissed me off, jewbuster, and now I will have to report you to the authorities.'s BUFFETBUSTER

Anonymous said...

FUCK YOU "buffetbuster" you are nothing but a fat, slovenly uneducated asshole.

Raptor II said...

That may be true, anonymous but at least I dont live in a fucking falling-down shack in Gahanna, Ohio like MR. MICHAEL HOFFMAN, former CEO of the ASSOCIATED PRESS --- lol.

Or the 600-pound diabetic beached whale AL BOWEN who claims he was a fuckin powerful MAYOR and UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR before chucking it all and signing up to MODERATE the jew website ---roflmao!

What a bunch of fuckin, cuckold, obese, unemployed, miserable old farts that hang out on Mikey Stern's pitiful website.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention DYING website!

And why? Because of one uneducated queer asshole called Stevie Rushmore, who supposedly "manages" this jew website about worshipping hot dogs and sandwiches and pie and other crap.


Reflect on this, DOLTS:
2010 revealed your true identities on the Internet.  And along with your true identities it had your address and phone numbers published.  It was also the year that your LIES and MYTHS and absurd CLAIMS began to unravel and the world, which you had tried to impress, learned you hold absolutely no properties here in the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, the U.K. or anywhere else on the planet.  Your ludicrous boasts were one and all exposed and debunked.  

Charles, you were exposed as a racist married to an obese Mormon moonbat bedpan changer who has no higher education than a mere nursing degree.  
Where Charles and Elizabeth Do Their Imagined Travels,
While Being Stoned Out of Their Gourds, LOL

Your fantasized "travels" were one by one debunked - that eight day trip to the Big Island you claimed was awarded to the beached whale looking bedpan changer by dubious employer (Correctional Medical Services) turned out to be one of the BIGGEST LAUGHS of the year when it was revealed (embarrassingly so) that both of you were still in Columbia, Maryland the whole time - how painfully humiliating that had to be, so much so you quickly ditched all of your "photos" and "comments" from the "vacation", LOL, LOL, LOL.    Oh, and when that bullshit claim fell to earth like a boulder then it was on to Phoenix, Arizona where the blimp nurse was supposedly being transferred and where the two of you purchased a home, LOL.   That fantasy was then followed by your IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT that you two had decided to move on January 1, 2011 into the new home and estate you had just purchased in Costa Rica after greasing the palms of government officials there with big bucks in return for immediate permanent resident status.  And lest we forget your imaginary boat ("The Elizabeth Ann") was "wrapped" and shipped off to the newly purchased estate...WOW, what were you two smoking when you posted that shit and thought anyone was going to believe it.  Looks like the only travel you did in 2010 was LSD trips.  And now you're "off" to your new adventure of moving to Nigeria.  Wiggling out of that bullshit claim and saving face at the same time should be comical to watch and read about.

During 2010 there wasn't a single food-blog site on the internet which didn't block you from making additional posts and it was revealed that your claim to have grown up in a household with a French maid and cook was completely debunked by your brother Kenneth who revealed the fact that to your great chagrin you were raised on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches served to you on a newspaper covered Formica kitchen table.  One of your fellow classmates from Reagan High School of Houston, Texas wrote that he still remembers your brown-bag lunches through junior high and Reagan consisted of the same thing every day...peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a Shasta cola.  Real gourmet, eh, Chuckles?  

Make certain you review another one of my tell-all exposures with respect to your food-blogs trolling where you were accused of having "lived in all 57 States" which led to you going ballistic and revealing more about your past than you had intended and my then critiquing your bullshit spins:

Moving on throughout the year, your phony educational claims were each and every one debunked and you became the laughing stock of everyone who has ever known you and your pathological lying was established along with the fact that credibility is certainly not your long or strong suit.  Even Charles' two ex-wives chimed in on that one, making you really look the part of the pathological lying fool that you are.

Charlie "no balls" Treuter

A blog which you swore you would have shut down and removed is still going strong and it has ripped through your bullshit and sociopathic existence time and time again.  That's right, it's the Charlie "no balls" Treuter blog.  

Soviet-Styled, Ghetto-Looking Columbia, Maryland Avalon Apartments 
At Which Charles and Elizabeth Ann Treuter Reside

Other blogs have spotlighted both of you as FAILED FOOLS, CLOWNS, RACISTS, PERVERTS, LIARS and APARTMENT DWELLERS - no, you don't reside in a gated retirement community (you have even been forced to admit its an apartment unit and the lease agreement is signed as your wife being the resident because as a government subsided housing unit your name can't appear on the lease agreement due to your being a convicted felon) of condominiums as you had claimed for years and which you claimed you owned outright, ROTFALMAO.  Others hit the blogs with their comments about the Avalon at which you reside and revealed what an empty, doltish, dipshit, lying, delusional, syphilis-eaten FOOL you are with their comments:

From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 5/19/2009
Years at this apartment: 2006 - 2009

Whats the big deal, because its next to a golf course. The apartment complex is so congested, like boxes stacked on top of each other, the parking sucks, the buildings are old. Its "fitness center" is okay but nothing special or great. After all, the Avalon is just another apartment "city." It is in a nice area because there are nice townhouses near by. Other than that it's just a plain old apartment. And old is certainly one of the operative words in describing it.
  • GoldieStar
    GoldieStar This place absolutely SUCKS!!! Let me preface this by giving you some background. My husband and I both have graduate degrees and neither of us have ever lived in a worse apartment community. Having said that, we moved here the end of last summer and I expected apartments in Columbia to be lovely given the high reputation some claim for Howard County. What a mistake that was. From the beginning we have had nothing but trouble here. The "management" (and I use that term very loosely) is incompetent and does not respond to tenant needs. In the 9 months we've been here we have submitted approximately 48 service requests (both for in and outside of our apartment). These include (but are not limited to): cockroach infestation (this went on for about 6 months). So, after 6 months the cockroach problem has "tamed down" but we still get them occasionally. Now, onto the next pest infestation -- bedbugs. Oh yes..... imagine waking up in the middle of the night and finding bedbugs feeding on your legs and blood stains on your sheets from them. Disgusting, isn't it? Well this went on for awhile too. We finally got “management” to treat our apartment and when they eventually did, we found a ton of bedbug carcasses on the carpet a couple days after the treatment....but now, we had to enclose our mattress in $100 plastic cover (because they're probably still living in there) and it has been suggested by professionals to not take any of our furniture from our bedroom to another apartment, as they still can live inside. OK, so there's the pest problems.... now let's move onto the other general problems of this so-called upscale craphole. When we initially moved here, they did an "inspection" of our apartment before we moved in and told us everything looked fine. As I was not working for the first 3 weeks after we moved...I got to deal with the following problems that they did not divulge with the apartment: loose faucets, leaking bathroom & kitchen pipes, gaping holes around light fixtures, cockroaches (see above), dishwasher wheels broken, closet broken. In the winter when it was freezing outside, we placed a service request and called the "emergency" number that our heat was bear in mind in our lease... a "heat emergency" is when the temperature outside falls below a certain level (which it was) -- took 3 days to get this fixed. Some of the people who hang outside are clearly people you don't want to have access to entry. This community the blogger brags about is supposed to have secured entry to get in. However, a main entrance to the apartment community remained been non-functional for 3 weeks, allowing anyone to enter....multiple service requests had been placed and personal interaction with members of the management staff clearly went unattended. Only after putting pressure on the company by contacting corporate management was this problem fixed. I could go on & on...but you get the picture .. do NOT move here unless you like living like you're in poverty with broken appliances and pests biting you at night -- and so many important things not being attended to by management. This company does not care about you & your welfare so please take my (and other people's advice) -- look somewhere else to live. And as far as this DocChuck character bragging about Howard County and Columbia itself…well, perhaps since he seems to be a hard-core racist he finds the area to his suiting. However, as educated blacks, we are aware of the gang problem growing in Columbia and he should be informed that the gangs’ members aren’t all black or brown – there’s plenty of white trash members as well. I’m guessing that the State of Texas doesn’t miss the “DocChucks” one bit and is likely thrilled they moved to Maryland.

The Class of 1960 Reagan High School grads were informed about your FAILED existence and your multiple failures (along with your criminal convictions, including a serious felony) at the  Blogsite and forced you to remove your "lifetime accomplishment" blog claims at the MySpace blog which has been shut down.

Your brother Kenneth's wife ripped both of you morons apart at her Blog which forced you two to shut down Chuck's!/profile.php?id=100001521020996 profile page.  

2010 announced to the world that your own mother had, on video tape, denounced you, disavowed you, disowned you, rejected your "wifes" request for a loan to pay for a divorce from you, and had, yes, yes, yes, wholly, totally, and completely DISINHERITED YOU.  The year also showed the world your emailed and blogged threats and oaths to sue and kill your brothers and get your imagined 1/3 of your parents' combined estate.  One word describes how that went: FAILED.  

In 2010 your names when Googled bring up nothing flattering about either of you but reveal both of you as obese losers and ne'er do wells who don't have a pot to piss in or a window of your own from which throw it.

It was revealed that both of your brothers had very successful careers prior to their great retirements wherein they own outright their homes and have more than enough finances to live quite comfortably throughout the remainder of their lifetimes.  It was also revealed that neither of them ever were or ever could be intimidated in the least bit by your threats and huffs and puffs and empty yelps and howls.

The world has and continues to visit at , a commissioned and paid for lengthy and thorough investigative exposé, outing, and more of both of you demented DOLTS.  Anyone can now read what a screwed up credit history you have, everyplace you have ever resided, your highest year of income, your tax returns, your credit report, your lack of property ownership and on and on.  Complete and total exposures of your pitifully pathetic existence of 68 years.  Sad, very sad!

Well, while you reflect upon the above and much more with respect to your FAILED existence which daily nears your dying a miserable and painful death only to be consigned to an everlasting Hell, you can now, if you have the ability to search and find it, along with having the intestinal fortitude to read it, learn what your mother, Nellie Vernon Treuter, thought about both you and the bedpan changer from 1998 until her death in 2006.  Her selected excerpts (published, starting today) tell it like it was.  Hard hitting, no-holds-barred thoughts and statements about how she regretted your having ever been born to her and why she held your existence in such disdain.  Same, of course, was true of the entire paternal side of the Treuter's family (remember I inherited the whole estate and you inherited nothing from it - hmmm, same as on your maternal (Gatewood) side of the family.  How sadly humiliating but certainly a voluminously piercing statement about you.  Damnation, no one gave or gives a shit for you, including your first two wives and your spawnings - some legacy, eh?

Tough, tough year on you two moronic imbeciles but that's the result of your making a grievous error in judgment by coming out of hiding (don't forget you also came out of the closet as a bisexual homo) and entering a battle of wits with your brothers...unfortunately, for you, you were wholly unarmed.

Yeah, Charles and Elizabeth, 2010 was quite the year for you two, quite the year indeed.