Monday, November 22, 2010

How to correctly spell Charles Richard and/or Elizabeth Ann Treuter...LOL

The correct spelling of Charles Richard and/or Elizabeth Ann Treuter is: 
F  A  I  L  E  D.   Do you possibly wonder why?  Well, here goes:

>Attempted for five plus years to make ludicrous claims about their academic backgrounds, jobs, possessions and doings so as to impress those who did not know their real identities (they worked damned hard to make certain they would never be discovered). 
 Result:  They F A I L E D !

>Attempted to enlist the friendship of Natalie Sztern, a Jewish Food Blog owner, and in doing so it backfired resulting in an open letter to Charles which started his being exposed for who he and his beached-whale looking bedpan changer Mormon "wife" are and what they are. Result: They F A I L E D !

>In September, 2009 began barrage of threatening emails to Kenneth W. Treuter and Douglas V. Treuter in an attempt to intimidate them, scare them, and extort money from them.  Kenneth and Douglas responded with a Bring It On!!! campaign and began exposing Charles and the beached-whale, lard-ass, insignificant and ugly Mormon Elizabeth to the world with emails and Blog Sites, resulting in others creating Blogs discrediting the two frauds and their years of Internet trolling.  Result: They F A I L E D !

>Charles and the other DOLT, Elizabeth, created hate blogs hoping to save face for themselves and have people read their bullshit.  That totally failed and is still failing so they posted "comment" to their blogs and pretended that the "comments" came from others, resulting in multitudes of Internet user laughing at the two frauds and communicating with others about what DOLTS the two failed frauds are...good time had by all.  Result:  They F A I L E D !

>The two DOLTS finally became resigned to the fact that they never would see a penny from the impressive and sizable Treuter estate from which they were both barred and from which Charles, in particular, was DISINHERITED, after publicly being disowned and disavowed by his own mother, a very gut-wrenching and bitter pill to swallow.  Yes, they continued to spew, rant, rave and threaten but it was all to no avail and the result was: They F A I L E D !

>Barred from all the food blog sites upon which they use to post they begged to be allowed to rejoin and attempted to get back on by subterfuges which all failed and that too caused them to be exposed for what they are.  Result:  They F A I L E D !

>Bitter, isolated, reduced to apartment dwelling renters with no friends, no offspring who will even acknowledge their existence, miserable, old and dying, lonely, full of pretenses but having nothing of lasting value, owning nothing anyone else would want, hurting badly for money they are two sad, loser DOLTS who provide others with a cheap means of amusement laughing at them at their expense.
Result: T hey F A I L E D !

>Friendless, rejected, dejected, demoralized, disowned, disavowed, DISINHERITED, devoid of an earthly fortune, dwelling in a cramped apartment amongst like-minded loser dimlibbers (dim-witted liberals, be they liberal Demonrats, so-called moderates or progressive socialistic commies, who like their so-called Kenyan-born, Constitutionally disqualified president [usurper resident] were sorely defeated by GODLY and patriotic conservatives who handed them their walking papers on November 2, 2010 and who are the true citizens of the American Constitutional Republic), insanely jealous of Kenneth, Douglas and their families, knowing no successes, despised, marginalized, dehumanized their worthless existences have resulted in the correct spelling of their "names", Charles Richard and/or Elizabeth Ann Treuter as: 
 F A I L E D   F A I L E Dand/or F A I L E D  F A I L E D 
 F A I L E D!